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Brought to you from the capital of design, this is architecture interiors without barriers.

After two years of experience at the BBPR Studio and the Dimitri Grignani Studio, Natalia Bianchi opened up her Milan studio in 1997.

Since its very inception, the Studio Natalia Bianchi has become synonymous with sober and elegant interiors, combining linear architecture with eclectic mixes of art and color. The studio integrates the unexpected: ancient and modern styles in perfect unison, whilst always catering to each client's distinct requests and taste.

Over the years, the studio's vision has fascinated some of the most talented architects and interior designers in Milan.

This is because of the studio's ethos; Natalia Bianchi does not have a "studio style", each project is unique to the client.

From urban style lofts, intimate chalets and romantic villas in the most exclusive European locations, Natalia Bianchi and her staff are highly specialized in creating private residences that reflect the authentic spirit of those that inhabit them.

Today the Studio Natalia Bianchi includes ten expert architects. Each project is meticulously followed, step-by-step by a dedicated team, and coordinated by a project manager.

In addition to its full-time staff, Natalia Bianchi also makes use of highly specialized technicians such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. According to the characteristics of each project, the office may also collaborate with many other architecture studios.

And last but not least; over the years, the studio has curated a large network of highly specialized professionals; including artists and craftsmen, carpenters and upholsterers. All are united by the same goal: to provide the studio's clients with a unique result.

That's why a design stamped by the Natalia Bianchi Studio always adheres to its historical-architectural context, but most importantly, creates a place its clients aspire to live.